Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just Because Its Pretty ...

I have this problem. I'm easily distracted by pretty and shiny things. I like to window shop on Etsy and Craig's List even if I don't need anything, have the space to put anything, or even have the money to purchase anything. If my ancestor cave woman was a gatherer then I was the one who was trying to trade my berries for the other cave womens different colored berries, not happy with just one color and deciding that it was time to switch things up a bit.

Now I think I've mentioned that my condo is furnished in a mid century modern style with a bit of folk art  thrown in. I have a really tight color palette that I furnish in. And my space is small so it's minimal by design and necessity. And yet I still shop. And torture myself with all the fantastic bargains and gorgeous items I find.

Like this recent Etsy fabric I was lusting after. Yes, pure lust. Right style, right colors, OK price ...but I just couldn't find a use for it. I wanted to own it because I wanted it. Just that, no real purpose for it. I had to be talked down from the ledge by Alison.

Just because it's pretty doesn't mean I have to own it. Sigh. Life is hard.

What have you been lusting (gasp) after?

1 comment:

  1. I've been lusting after hard wood floors and new furniture. Don't need either, but would love to have both. And by way - that fabric is to die for!!!