Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Another week

How is it the 17th already? I swear it was just Wednesday yesterday. Or it certainly feels like it. I had such plans for this past week. Did anything get done? Nope (except a couple loads of desperately needed laundry). It's been weeks since I've vacuumed or dusted (eww). Dishes are piling up again. The stack of mail was tumbling off the table, and then I discovered another stack in the drawer. I have a few items to take care of and was feeling anxious about them being possibly late. Wheew, I haven't missed any deadlines yet. I've got to figure a way out of the "lazy days" attitude I've been in for months now. Too much TV (online since I don't own an actual TV) and internet and not enough chores or projects. I have 3 weeks until my son goes back to college. I wanted to have him help me with several projects around the house. I better hurry!

The new plan - I'm to do 2 things around the house on days I don't work and 1 on days that I do. Seriously my to-do list has 19 items that need to be done in the next week or so. This will definitely make a dent.

Wish me luck.

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