Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day 6 - Switch Covers

Did you ever do something and years later wonder what you were thinking? Back in Janurary 2010 (see the original post here) I thought it would be fun to replace some switch covers with a clear one with scrapbook paper inside. They didn't look bad, I guess. Over the last couple years I've changed my decorating style to something more sophisticated. The crafty looking covers didn't go anymore.

I went shopping at Home Depot for some new covers. I was surprised by the narrow selection. They had a couple nice black ones but I didn't know how they would look. I thought I wanted white, but they only had white plastic covers.  I settled on some brass covers with a nickel finish. 

I like the way they look. One thing I didn't think about was finger prints. These show finger prints so I will be constantly wiping them off. I know this is a small change, but sometimes the details can make or break a room.

I can't wait to paint the trim a fresh coat of white! I'm not sure when it was last painted, but I've lived here 5 years. Even after washing, they are pretty grungy looking. Trim painting is my January project.

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