Friday, November 23, 2012

Elephant Table

Remember how I was talking about an elephant table in the living room not long ago here? Well I purchased one just a few days ago for $45. It was a bit of a drive to get it but I didn't have to go into the city which was a bonus. I'll take suburbs over city driving any day.

Here he is. An elephant with its trunk raised is a symbol of good luck. So my elephant hunt had to have an elephant with its trunk up, be less than $50, tall enough for a table, and bonus an easy drive to get.

He's a pretty ivory color with dark highlighting. I had planned to paint him a bright white and leave out the highlighting for a more modern look (like the examples in my prior post). However the ivory is growing on me. I think I'll hold off painting for awhile and see what direction I end up going.

I also have to figure out where to put him. I'm not sure I like the elephant table where I thought I would put it - next to the green chair in the living room. The mid-century modern table there is a recent edition. I had it in my basement storage locker and brought it up to try before I sold it. Well turns out I really like it next to the green chair. So I have a homeless elephant. I think he'll go live in the "office" / my sons bedroom when he's home from college. My son doesn't think so but I'll just move it in there when he's back at school - none the wiser. For now he's hanging out in the living room with a plant on him. He makes me smile (but totally freaks out the dog).

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