Friday, March 8, 2013

Bedroom Mood Board

Emerald Bedroom

I'm wasting time, not doing what needs to be done for the day. I have to either go to Ikea and return some curtains or do laundry. Yet here it is almost 2:30 pm and I sit, playing on the computer.

As you know I've been frustrated with my house - stuck on how I wanted to finish decorating. I'm working on the kitchen and making slow but steady progress. I have a detailed plan that I'm happy with. It seems like all of a sudden since I've been focused on the kitchen my creativity has begun to flow for the other rooms in the condo also. I feel unstuck!

So late last night when I couldn't sleep I was thinking about my bedroom. I have most of the items already purchased in the mood board above. But I had no color direction. Everything is black and white with some gold (except the dresser is currently brown wood). I needed a background color. I've gone thru a long list: soft pink, fuchsia, pale blue, aqua (before I decided to paint the kitchen aqua), gray, white, a gold stenciled geometric on one wall, black and white stripes. Ugh! Yet another room where I couldn't make decisions. But last night I thought green. I've had a green bedroom since I was a small child. It makes me happy and calms me down. Why reinvent the wheel? Go green!

I pulled out my paint swatches (what - don't you have a pile of paint swatches around in various colors?).  In the past my green bedrooms have been either in the sage green or forest green family. I needed a green that fit the color story of the condo - turquoise, aqua, leaf green ..... and emerald! I know its super trendy right now. But I want a dark, vibrant green that fits in with the rest of the condos colors. And I'm not doing a little accent color or wall, I'm doing the entire room! Gotta love me some color. In my defense there is a lot of white and black to ground the room so it won't be too crazy.

So here is the current plan for the bedroom:

  • Paint the room emerald green
  • Make an upholstered headboard in black chinoiserie fabric - already have the fabric
  • Purchase malm dressers from Ikea and use O'verlays to zhush them up for nightstands (I desperately need more storage)
  • Hang sheer zebra drapes - already own
  • Hang the chandelier (or maybe replace the current broken ceiling fan with a cute one ((do they make cute ceiling fans?)). - already own chandelier
  • Upholster the chair in a greek key print - already have chair and fabric
  • Paint the dresser in ombre (another super trendy thing. Maybe just paint it white instead of the current wood tone?)
  • I already own the lamps and shades
  • I just purchased a Jonathan Adler for JCP pillow for the bed in black
  • I already own the white gathered duvet
  • Purchase new sheets in a complimentary color
  • I already own the sunburst mirror
  • Bring in a plant or two (the room needs some life)
  • Make / purchase art for one wall
  • Purchase split queen box springs - MEASURE FIRST!!! (my single queen box spring wouldn't fit up the stairs, so I purchased a platform bed, which I disliked. So I sold the bed a couple weeks ago and am sleeping with the mattress on the floor (I feel like I'm 20 and in my first place) until I purchase a split queen box spring and a hollywood bed frame. 
 So that is the plan. Just to be clear, I'm working on the kitchen first. I just needed to get this out of my head and on paper so I can stare at it late at night and pick it apart.

What do you think? Would you use emerald green in your interior or stay away because its trendy?

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