Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Kitchen Before Pictures

I thought I'd share the before pictures of my kitchen. It's a tiny space, about 6.5' x 12'. Let me give you a tour around the room.

To the right is my back door, which is the primary door that I use. This is my pantry. It works well, but is a pain to have to keep the black shelves dusted. The beige bin with the burgundy top is the dog food container, the two with the blue tops are the cat food containers. Above the dog food container is my recycling bin. Above the cat food containers are my espresso pods. I order 150 at a time from Amazon. Gotta have my daily latte.

Next up is the refrigerator. I'm not sure what the water spot like dots are in the pictures. Something weird happened with the flash. You can see the dog's food and water bowl on the floor.

I use a large picture frame with fabric underneath as a memo board. Thru the open doorway is the dining room.

The sink, obviously. The window is  north facing so the room is on the dark side.

This is all the counter top space and cabinets that I have. They are in great condition and about 7 years old. The solid surface counter top is a pretty gray with black, white and beige flecks. It really ties the room together. Keeping my kitchen gadgets and pots and pans edited is critical to making the kitchen work. I like the little shelves by the window for some pretty white pottery.

Back to the stove with the microwave above and back door.

Here is my brown ceiling and horrible halogen light fixture. It gets so warm in the kitchen with the halogen lights on. They cast weird shadows and the one light keeps burning out. Definitely time for an upgrade! I have a soffit around the perimeter of the room.

The floor is a pretty tan tile in good condition. Above is my new rug, the first addition to the updated kitchen. It's black and tan. I purchased it from

Again the plans for the update are:
  • Paint the ceiling white
  • Install a new, non-halogen light fixture
  • Update a yellowed electrical outlet and cover
  • Paint the walls and radiator aqua
  •  Add green accents
  • Make a faux roman blind for the window
  • Add a little zebra and pom-pom fringe
  • Make some artwork for over the knives
  • Update the rug
  • Paint the dog and cat food containers so they blend in better
  • Organize all my recipes
  • Add a mirror to the back of the door
  • Replace the kitchen faucet (I broke the sprayer this week, darn it!)

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