Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 in Review

Well I wouldn't be much of a blogger if I didn't do a 2014 wrap up post. So for the 10 of you who read my blog lets take a look back at 2014. **

Leukemia: well this one really sucked. But almost a year later the good news is my numbers look good and the disease is under control. I was also approved for another $15,000 grant for 2015 for my medicine which costs $350 a day (!!!!). Thank God I have health care and they pay for a good portion of it with the grant picking up the rest of the cost. Up until September I was still suffering with the brutal daily side effects of my leukemia medicine. Getting though a day was an accomplishment. But I finally found an equilibrium this fall and was once again interested in life, decorating and crafting. Unfortunately my interest in cooking, cleaning and laundry still remain gravely diminished. :)

I found some wonderful pink Murano lamps and decided to change up the entire house (again). With the thought that life is too short to not do exactly what you want, I'm redecorating in a cottage / shabby chic style using pinks, greens and blues with lots of neutrals and whites. I'm happy to use vintage pieces and quilts to finally (hopefully) express my personality and vision for a calm, soothing, feminine environment.

At the end of May my Son graduated from SCAD with a Bachelor in Fine Arts and I started enjoying my bonus days with him. In September he received multiple job offers and decided to stay in the Chicago area much to my delight. In October he moved out on his own to his first apartment and I tried desperately not to take over and decorate the place. I will admit to gifting him items I think he needs (like pillows for the couch) and suggesting he decide on a color scheme and overall look he wanted but refrained from making him mood boards and shopping lists, ha ha.

I started a new job working with a family with a 10 and 6 year old girl. The kids are nice, the hours are what I need. It seems to be working out.

I am still blessed with a loving family and caring friends and neighbors who really stepped up and helped out when I was at my sickest. And thank you, dear blog readers, for stopping by for my sporadic postings and not complaining when I talk about depressing things like leukemia.

2014 was a challenging year. But I'm hopeful that 2015 will much improved!

** This post went live some places accidentally on 12/24. If you saw it already I'm sorry!

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